Recently I traveled to Texas for a theatre conference. My first day there I ran into a Nashville acquaintance and the first thing she told me: "You look so Nashville!" This made me happy as I take that statement to mean that I have adapted to my new home in a sense and now reflect a bit of that in my everyday attire. No, I don't wear bling-ed out jeans and multi-colored cowboy boots, but I think I have picked up the essence of Nashville in a way. Nashville style is very unique and particular, and after spending a few months here I can earnestly say that if someone pushed me from a plane into an unknown city (and yes, they would have to PUSH me) and I landed in Nashville, I would know where I was. People here, for the most part, just LOOK Nashville. Of course, many people bend the rules but I am speaking about the majority.

Here are the rules about ladies' fashion I have perceived since moving here:

1. Long hair is a must. Just try to name one female country music star with short hair. Well, there's Reba, but she's really an anomaly. Wear it down, preferably with a slight curl. Hair extensions for the rich.
2. Accessorize. DO NOT even attempt to walk out of the house without jewelry, scarves, and a purse. The more, the better.
3. Makeup. Hello.
4. Layer your clothes. This may be more due to weather here, but keep it cute!
5. Own an adorable winter coat, all colors accepted.
6. Wear a dress to church, no matter the denomination. I believe this must be a Deep South tradition and I don't always follow it but I try to comply.
7. Cowboy boots accepted at all events for all reasons in all seasons. Cute shoes appropriate the rest of the time.
8. Old ladies must be dressed to the nines including accessories, makeup, and hair at all times. This is new... I was pleased if the old ladies in Waco wore bras.
9. Riding boots are extremely popular and they make sense here.
10. One word: BLING. Make yourself shiny!

Men's fashion is surprisingly... not much different. At least as far as country music musicians go. You can spot them anywhere: long hair (with blonde highlights, of course) that looks like they spent maybe juuuuuuust a little too much time looking in the mirror that morning. They also wear "vintage" bling-y t shirts and tight (tiiiiiiiiiight) fashion jeans. And boots, don't forget the boots. Think Rascal Flatts. Not very manly but likable just the same. Here are some pictures to show what I mean:

Interesting, isn't it? Well, take it or leave it, it's Nashville! :)


Scott Baker November 12, 2009 at 8:33 PM  

Rascal Flatts as fashion example = unacceptable.

David and Red November 12, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

lol - love it, and Scott's comment too. :)

I think the only thing you forgot is "big" long hair. Not 80s big, but if aquanet wasn't responsible for a hole in the ozone layer, you'd still use it in Nashville. :)

Beeki November 13, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

Yes, yes, big hair is a must. Unfortunately I am too poor to get the hair extensions and too intelligent to wear a "bumpit"...

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